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Spreadsheet Chaos?

Tired of broken links and difficult reporting?
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E.R.P. Pain?

Your ERP said it could, but it can't.
Stop the pain

Process Gaps?

Looking for area-specific software solutions?
Nailed it

The Story of Thrive

Thrive Demo – Join us Live – Nov 19 or 20


You are invited to spend an hour with Jamie Gyolai and Kale Sparling to get a glimpse of how Thrive can assist your operation in moving forward on the lean journey.


Is your operation missing a centralized process, data, and reporting agent? Are your reports always outdated? Do you find yourself navigating through multiple network folders, scores of spreadsheets, and logging in to a handful of data sources to piece together your mission critical data? Then invest an hour in a Thrive demo…. you might just find a partner in your lean journey.

Join us on November 19 at 10:00 a.m. (central) or November 20 at 10:00 a.m. (central) for a demo of Thrive. It is an easy way to see if Thrive could add value to your manufacturing operations (quality, safety, goal boards, CI event management, maintenance… all in one spot). The Thrive platform compliments your ERP, is mobile-friendly and is designed by shopfloor guys so it is user-friendly.

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Spreadsheet Chaos?



  • Panicked Employee to IT: “I have lost my Excel document….can you recover it?”
  • Hopeful Leader: “I think we are doing well, but I will know for sure when we get the numbers at the end of the month.”
  • Puzzled Employee to Boss: “I know I updated the graph with the latest numbers. They must not have saved.”
  • You get the point.  Feel free to say the other 20 examples we didn’t list!

We know these pains, because we have lived them.  Thrive solves these issues.

  1. Simplicity and Flexibility   Sure, everyone says this, so judge for yourselves
    • Share your Dashboard graph with team members.
    • One-click drill down feature to find the info you want.
    • Personalize the naming of your fields.
    • Quick search features.
    • Mobile-friendly for point of use (audits, uploading pictures….).
  2. Tracking Work Flow or Closing the Loop
    • Measure – Monitor – Communicate (Real-Time)
    • Capture Data  – Assign Improvements – Complete Improvements – Report

                        Learn more about how Thrive will add value:
MaintenanceReportingQualitySafetyContinuous Improvement 


E.R.P. Pain?

Thrive is not an ERP.  It complements your ERP  to accomplish your shopfloor goals!

Thrive vs. an ERP?

  1. An ERP is designed to manage financial data while Thrive is designed to manage your shopfloor processes.
    • We like to say the ERP tracks the money and Thrive helps make the money. We are shopfloor people who designed a very useful software tool to help create a lean manufacturing culture and save money.
    • Thrive was built on Microsoft ASP.NET architecture and SQL Server database. Thrive links to SQL Servers.  We currently link with Epicor, JD Edwards, Oracle and others.
    • Thrive is web-based and mobile-friendly. It requires little hand-holding. Everything from installation to usage on the floor is simplified so you can spend less time learning software and more time making profitable decisions.
  2. Simplified Pricing: ONE price, ALL of your users. Pricing Info

Learn more about how Thrive will add value:
MaintenanceReportingQualitySafetyContinuous Improvement 

What people think…

With Thrive we are able to pinpoint our key problems, narrowing the focus to each resource and how to utilize it best.

The investment in tools like Thrive for a common communication platform is evidence
of the organization’s commitment to “….a dedicated focus on continual improvement” as
stated in your Quality Policy.

This software helps control and keeps track of:  Nonconformances, preventive maintenance, calibration, gage check-out and check-in, training, audits – you name it.

Thrive creates a common repository for process, and organizational information. Where Thrive really adds value, however, is its flexible and highly intuitive nature. These attributes allow end users at all levels to turn information that’s important to them into actionable information.

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