Continuous Improvement

Key Areas of Thrive | Continuous Improvement

  1. Hour-by-hour tracking
    • Capture and communicate downtime issues real-time
    • Text or email when production is operating inefficiently
    • Easy to set-up, change jobs or fit your production needs
    • Understand if you are hitting your labor targets
    • Ability to link to your ERP to reduce duplication of entering data
  2. Project work flow tracking and improvements rolled up in one spot
    • Use to manage IT request, CI events, time-off requests, or anything that has work flow
    • Cross-function requests and all areas have visibility
  3. Communication tool
    • Employee documentation in one spot (training, safety issues, praises, suggestions…)
    • Real-time data for one-on-ones and shopfloor metrics
    • Shared graphs help departments align to the same goals
  4. Managed and administered by Operations, so your IT team can work on something else
    • Flexibility in name fields and assigning roles.
  5. Just some other cool features:
    • Cycle-time studies and data analysis charts
    • Virtual andon system to notify team members via text or email
    • Quality image heat maps
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