Our Story

From Manufacturing…For Manufacturing

Lean Technologies’ cornerstone manufacturing management solution, Thrive, didn’t start as a product or software package. Thrive was born on the factory floor…in the offices of department managers who were directly responsible for product improvement, manufacturing efficiency and quality control. The concept started as a tool to help department managers apply lean manufacturing techniques to their own manufacturing processes. Thrive has evolved into a full-featured package that spans the manufacturing plant – from the shop floor to the corporate offices.

Thrive combines the core competencies found in a manufacturing plant into one cohesive, integrated, intuitive system. Thrive was designed by people who understand manufacturing operations . . . people who understand how information moves across the factory floor . . . people who understand that having good information is the key to making good decisions. For all these reasons, it is designed with the easy-to-use, intuitive simplicity necessary to gather good information from the factory floor so good decisions can be made.



Scott Sorheim and Carson Landsgard founded Lean Technologies in Pella, Iowa in 2003.  They began to develop a solution to bridge the gap between disjointed computer systems and cumbersome paper-based processes used to track and analyze manufacturing operations. Thrive is the product of that endeavor.