Thrive | Reporting  Regardless of whether you are using Thrive for Maintenance, Quality, Safety or Continuous Improvement, our reporting functions enable you to efficiently organize, assess and leverage your data.

  1. Personalized Dashboard gives you the ability to build a personal ‘My Thrive’ with information relevant to your role
    • After logging into the system, your personal project list, calendar, and reports are at your fingertips
  2. Effective decision-making starts with the ability to turn data into usable information, which is where Thrive thrives, so to say. . . ,
  3. Decrease non-value add activity – with Thrive’s reporting simplicity, you won’t be driving up labor costs just to mine your data (see images at right for details)
    • Drill down to the root information by clicking on the graph
    • Export data from Thrive for a supplier
    • Thrive is beneficial for your ISO audit
    • Capture employee training
    • Simplify employee one-on-one meetings
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