Key Areas of Thrive | Safety

  1. Work flow tracking for safety investigations and improvements
    • All save in one spot, so you can make sure the loop is being closed
  2. Mobile-friendly, so your safety team can create, approve, assign or close safety issues via phone, tablet or computer
    • Complete your audit on the line
    • Upload photos at the point of use
    • Capture safety suggestions and training by person, area, shift…
  3. Save and manage all your safety documentation in one spot
    • Easy-to-reference Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Safe Operating Procedures (SOP)
    • One spot and at the point of use
  4. Dashboard can be used to lead your team
    • Safety incidents and improvements graphs auto-populate
    • Real-time safety audit results
    • Distribute reports so everyone works from the same information
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Safety Accident Investigation